Previous Projects with the following Companies 
Andrew General Contractors  Orlando, Florida
C Young Construction  Jacksonville, Florida
Catalfumo  Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Clancey & Theys  Raleigh, North Carolina
D. H. Griffin  Raleigh, North Carolina
Doug Wilson Enterprises Cocoa Beach, Florida
Elbrecht Construction  Carmel, Indiana
H. J. High  Orlando, Florida
H. W. Davis  Orlando, Florida

Panzica Building Corporation  South Bend, Indiana
PCL  Orlando, Florida
R. D. Michaels  Orlando, Florida
Scherer Construction & Engineering  Orlando, FLorida
SKANSKA Orlando, Florida
Stevens Construction  Ft. Myers, Florida
The Haskell Company  Jacksonville, Florida
W. M. Dillard & Associates  Houston, TX
Walker & CO  Winter Park, Florida


Kennedy Construction Services, Inc.

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